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What Do You Mean, "Not an Ordinary Chiropractor??"

So I told you in a previous blog that I usually find myself telling people that my husband is "not an ordinary chiropractor". Which then leads to a discussion about how he is different, why he has to take x-rays before he'll adjust you, and what exactly is upper-cervical chiropractic?

Well, let me share with you how Dr. Neal explains his particular form of chiropractic..

It goes something like this.


Your thumb is about the same size as your spinal cord.”

The spinal cord runs through the center of the bone that connects your head to the rest of your body.

If the top bone in your neck is twisted, or out of alignment, it will put pressure on the spinal cord.

Pressure on the spinal cord disrupts the messages traveling between the brain and the body, and causes problems like headaches, back pain, or tingling in the arms and legs. It can also affect various organs.

Upper-cervical chiropractors represent only 3% of doctors who are trained to gently and precisely correct a misalignment of this top bone. The correction allows the body to function normally.


Do you think this could help you? Dr. Neal will do a consultation at no charge to see if you could benefit from this type of care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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