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What a Leaky Pipe Taught Me About Health

Have you ever had a pipe burst when the weather got really cold? I learned a profound lesson about health one winter from a frozen, leaky pipe.

Winter is the time of year to wear cozy flannel shirts and drink a hot cup of spice tea with a friend while sitting next to a roaring fire. A glance through the window reveals snow gently falling to form a white blanket over the landscape. It is an ideal scene from a Norman Rockwell painting.

The only thing that could dampen this picture-perfect winter is a frozen water pipe! I could hear the sound of dripping behind the door. In the back of my mind, a phrase from the radio faintly rang, “Due to the freeze warning tonight, leave all faucets dripping!”

Water was falling from the ceiling, running down the wall, and forming a small lake on the floor. What a mess! A plumber was called to fix the problem. He arrived and went to work repairing the damaged pipe. After it was replaced, I saw the small section of pipe that had caused the whole mess. I had an epiphany! The little copper pipe was an important reminder:

Health is easier to maintain, rather than regain once it is lost.

The way to prevent a pipe from bursting is to leave the faucets dripping. This means the water bill will be a little higher, but this is nothing compared to the cost of repairing the damage a leak can cause. A small investment in preventing the problem is definitely worth it. This focus on prevention is the basis for Ben Franklin’s saying, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

The same is true about health. Upper Cervical Chiropractors work to prevent problems. A subluxation of the spine can cause a cascade of problems if left alone. We are trained to detect and correct spinal subluxations. Whether it is health problems or plumbing problems, prevention is the key. A small investment in your health pays huge dividends! When were you last checked?

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