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Not An Ordinary Chiropractor...

When I'm talking with people about my husband's profession, I usually end up saying, "He's not an ordinary chiropractor. He does not "crack and pop." The response to this statement is almost always raised eyebrows!

So what kind of chiropractor is he? What do you mean by 'he doesn't crack and pop'?

I could tell you about the instrument he uses to tap the C-1 vertebrae, or the atlas, back into place. I could also tell you that he won't touch you until he has 3 different x-ray views of your neck. But lets just take a look at the word Orthospinology, because that is Dr. Wayne Neal's specialty.

According to the Society of Chiropractic Orthospinology, "Orthospinology is a gentle form of chiropractic that aligns the upper cervical spine to enhance health, reduce pain and ease chronic health problems. Orthospinology has a proven track record with complex ailments where surgery and medication have failed."

If you want to know more about this form of chiropractic, practiced by only 3% of board certified chiropractors, then give us a call, or stop by for an appointment!

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